Before you begin,

    we want to make sure that your work is eligible for copyright protection. In general, a copyright can protect original creative works, such as books, songs, photographs, and computer programs.


    However, if your work falls into one of the following
    categories, it does not qualify for copyright protection:

    • Titles, names, short phrases and slogans
    • Ideas and concepts that are not expressed in a tangible work
    • Blank forms
    • Works that have not been written down or recorded
    • Works to which you have not contributed anything original or creative
    • Useful articles

    If you need more information on these categories, please click Help.

    Is your work eligible for copyright protection?

    What type of work are you seeking to register?Read each description and select the most appropriate type of work.

    Literary Work :

    Select Literary Work if you are registering a nondramatic literary work. Literary Works include a wide variety of works such as fiction, nonfiction, poetry, textbooks, reference works, directories, catalogs, advertising copy, compilations of information, computer programs and databases*.Note: This category also includes an article published in a serial, but does not include an entire issue of a periodical or other serial.* This type of Literary Work must be registered using the Standard Application.

    Work of the Visual Arts :

    Select Work of the Visual Arts if you are registering a pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work. Visual Arts works include two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of fine, graphic, and applied art; photographs; prints and art reproductions, maps, technical drawings; and architectural* works.* This type of Visual Arts work must be registered using the Standard Application.

    Sound Recording :

    Select Sound Recording if you are registering a sound recording. Also, select Sound Recording if you are registering both a sound recording and the underlying musical, dramatic, or literary work(s) that is embodied in that recording.Note: To register both the sound recording and the underlying work that is embodied in that recording on one application, the copyright claimant must own all rights in both the sound recording and the underlying works.Exception: Under the copyright law, the sounds that accompany a motion picture or other audiovisual work are not defined as a sound recording. Select Motion Picture/Audiovisual as the “Type of Work” to register the sounds accompanying a motion picture or an audiovisual work.

    Work of the Performing Arts :

    Select Work of the Performing Arts if you are registering a musical work (with or without lyrics); a dramatic work, such as a screenplay, play or other script; a pantomime*; or a choreographic* work.Note: If the work includes a sound recording and if you intend to register that element of the work, select Sound Recording as the type of work.* This type of Performing Arts work must be registered using the Standard Application.

    Motion Picture/Audio Visual Work :

    Select Motion Picture/AV Work if you are registering a feature film, documentary film, animated film, television show, video, videogame, or other audiovisual work. An audiovisual work is a work that consists of a series of related images that are intended to be shown by the use of a machine or device, together with accompanying sounds, if any.

    Select the type of work you are registering.

    What is the title of the work you would like to copyright?

    If this work previously had other titles, or currently uses an alternate title, please list them here.

    In what year was the work substantially completed?

    Has this work (the version you now want to copyright) been distributed to the public? In other words, has it been "published" for purposes of copyright law?

    Where do you currently live?

    Has this work (or an earlier version of this work) been registered with the Copyright Office before?

    Is this work a changed or derivative work? (Click "help" if you're not sure.)

    Please provide the following information about the person or people who created this work.

    We refer to these as the "authors." If this work was made for hire, the employer is considered the "author."

    Full Name

    Email Address

    Mailing Address (street, city, state, zip)

    Check The Box If This Author's Work Was Made For Hire.
    Check This Box If This Author Created The Work Under A Fictitious Name (Pseudonym).

    Please provide the following information for each author (even for authors who created the work anonymously or under a pseudonym).

    Country of Residence:

    Country of Citizenship:

    Year of Birth:

    Year of Death (if applicable):

    Please indicate the type of work contributed by the author. Check all that apply.

    (Later, you will need to submit a sample which shows each category of work claimed.)

    If you checked 'other,' please specify:

    Ownership in a copyright initially belongs to each author of the work. In the case of a work for hire, the employer owns the copyright.

    However, any author can transfer or sell a copyright. For example, a writer can transfer a copyright to a publisher by contract. In addition, a copyright can be passed down by inheritance, will or gift.

    Has any author transferred his or her copyright to someone else? In other words, are any of the copyright owners different from the authors?

    We will need to file one copy of your work with the Copyright Office. Please note that you will need to submit samples of each category of work claimed -- the copyright office will only register what it receives.

    Please be sure to print the order confirmation page, as it contains instructions on how to send a copy of your work to us.

    Based on your answers, your claim will be filed with the U.S. Copyright Office using its standard application. The Copyright Office's standard application fee of $65 will be included in your order at checkout.

    What's Included In Your Order?

    Lifetime Customer Support :

    Our trained customer support team is standing by to answer your questions -- and will still be there for you even after you place your order.

    Peace of Mind Review :

    Our in-house team will carefully review your answers, searching for inconsistencies and omissions that might delay the completion of your order.

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